Star casino function rooms

Treasury hotel is where unrivalled elegance meets five. With a unique mix of contemporary service, refined style and unique interiors, you. Ll never want to leave. The southern star room has a private bar and is ideal for your next product launch, trade show, large celebration, conference or wedding. Guests theatre style or up to. Seated cabaret style. On request, we can provide a dance floor and stage area.

Event centre skip to main content. Hour casino, and two luxury 5. Star hotels, meetings, seminars function rooms. The star offers a total of. Rooms, suites and penthouses across three luxury hotel towers. Astral tower residences and the darling. Signature restaurants and bars. Winning restaurants and bars offer a world of choice. Each venue can be reconfigured to accommodate events of various sizes. Whatever your taste, you. Ll find it at the star.

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Have something to celebrate. With a multitude of venues to choose from, whether it. S an engagement, a milestone birthday or drinks with colleagues, we. The star entertainment qld limited collects your personal information for the purpose of proceeding with your enquiry and if you have indicated you would like to hear from us, for the purpose of contacting you and sending you marketing materials with information about promotions, events and special offers.